Moscow Photo Walks and Cultural Tours

Rob D., the USA, writes:

 Julia is a fantastic photographer and tour guide. I hired her for a March 2012 trip to Moscow. The tour was more enjoyable having a professional freelance photographer, worried about capturing all the right pictures which allowed me to absorb more of the tour. I highly recommend Julia. 

Elena D., Russia, writes (in Russian):


Юля, привет! Получилось, на мой взгляд,очень необычно - не я на фоне чего-то или что-то на моем фоне, а как бы два равнозначных героя - я и город. Здорово, мне очень нравится )))

Peter K., Russia, writes: 


Your pictures are best! Thank you!

Grainne and Mark N., UK, write:

   Julia! We arrived home safely and looking back at the photos it's hard to believe we were in Moscow less than a week ago. The photos are amazing! Thank you for the memories, they will be cherished! 

Ben S., the USA, writes: 

Hi Julia, I just wanted to thank you again for the great photos and all of your fantastic editing. I couldn't be more pleased! I rate the tour 5 stars. Best of luck to you!


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